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211 - been ages

Of Ramadan 1439H and its content. I’ve been away for a month, exactly. Community health posting was indeed less miserable than any other posting I’ve been through. Less books, less hospitals, less tired but more sleep, more fiction readings and movie marathon dan more clinics and visits. Life at Tampin tidaklah seteruk yang disangka, even though I will back at Ampang  for almost every weekend. The scenery, calmness and tranquility is soothing, sampai satu tahap I didn’t want to wake up from my sleep.

With last entry was at early April, now I am here on the last day of May; on 16 Ramadan to be exact. The feeling of being at mid Ramadan is somehow saddening me as it feels like Ramadan will leave so soon. I've sin much to the point that I don't even remember the last time I've repent. Everyday be like, "Tolonglah Aimi, bertaubat please." The word of taubat, macam satu perkataan yang telah lama aku tinggal, been ages orang kata.

When I read …