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208- a lesson learnt, again

Here I am on middle of February, forgotting the real reason why I’m on laptop;ending up writing an entry for this month. It’s been 3 weeks for my OnG posting. An undescribable feelings over the place, where you don’t know how to express; either it’s good but sometimes overwhelming, or it’s bad but sometimes giving you sparks. No words and emotions for this posting, I guess. Following ward round by myself, it’s almost a crazy yet bearable thing for me now as my friends wouldn’t want to join the long hours of standing, being asked and get scolded. I didn’t want it too, actually. Being in a ward round today with Dr Liza and Dr Azalea, however taught me something today, giving me a kickback, which I should feel this in the very first posting of surgery back then.
The weight of becoming a doctor and physician; is what I learnt today. The responsibilities, duties, and authorities of a doctor might save people’s live, or vice versa. I guess this is when a role or function, or I might say a b…