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199 - a late one :')


I bet this will be such a long entry, so for those who are not free and quite busy; please skip my blog as your reading lists. I will be recapping my journey of my teens; going back to an old me who loves to express everything.
It's the other day which 'I'm not so free but I want an escape'. Of tasks, books and revisions.
Wow, such a lot of drafts since 2016;
oh well here it come 2017, another year of hopes and joys. Well, I should be wishing happy 2017 even though it's already 21st of January (sigh, I missed it because I got fever on the very first day of 2017. My antibodies are not that strong huh and I've got too much things to do-- which I regret on some of them)

Flashing back to year 2016, I have written 24 entries and that was a huge decline from years before. I must be missing my old-school ways of writing. In the old times, I used to write and tell everything in this blog; from the moment when I was injected with Rubella vaccines for the first time to a slight fall in my class which caused laughter to the whole class. Well, I was a good writer, I guess. Time passed by and I am getting older and matured (hopefully), I think I write less, day by day. I've bought a journal (it's not a planner), and on this day 21st of Jan, the journal is still free of inks and as white as your telekung prayer. Rewinding back to my secondary school, I even have diaries of the year. I hope those diaries are still there in my safe-box and my mom does not throw them away. Look, I was such a writer back then haha. (I must put 'read and write more' as one of my 2017 goals *sigh)

'Hi Aimi of 2017, how are you? What have you been?'

Lately, those are my questions in my head. For me to be able to remember this particular moment, I'm telling and writing to myself, to me who will read this entry on next year (I wish); Hi, I am Aimi and I'm already on my third year of medical school (3 more years to embrace), Alhamdulillah, all praises and thanks to Allah I did well (but not that excellent) on my first third year final exam last year. I'm getting into my second week of my 6th semester and I'm currently browsing and searching for a motivation for me to keep my body and mind strong for another battle this year, my second professional exam. (make du'a for me)

Here is me, whenever I open up my laptop for my assignments, I would add up the drafts, so it's getting longer and longer for this post. This paragraph is on 26th of February while the above paragraph was on 21st January; Wow! A month gap. A month gap means it's getting nearer to my mid semester examination; yeah 8 days to go. Actually I got so many things to write, so many to express, so many to tell but most of them are written down in my journal. I wish I have the courage to share those writings :')


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