194 - yes, i'm okay

The tears never stop. She has to sob hiddenly sometimes. You know the feeling when you have no one supporting you, no one holding on you, no one expecting anything from you; she is facing it. She is merely a person who also has feelings. She thought by being strong, smiling in front others would make her hearts stronger and braver; which however it's not. She struggles alone, being expecting for her own, being judging by her own. She needs supports but she aimlessly saying it's not that all. She end up crying in the corner of the class silently, sobbing painfully clenching her chest; hoping that the pain would solve it all. She is in severe; which she cannot even express herself anymore.

Someone would ask her, "Are you okay?"
Expectedly, she would answer, "Yes, I'm okay."
Silently, she clenched her hands saying those words.


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