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183 - it's qadr and not luck

Maan! I won the lottery!

I got the first prize in a raffle draw! I’m so lucky!
 Ever heard someone you know saying this? And after that they give you this very emotional story of how they’ve won or how they got the prizes they’ve won?

Or ever seen Muslims who abide with these lucky charms or go copy the rituals of nonbelievers when it comes to asking for rizq, they do lottery, they put green stuff in their house for luck even statues to lure in luck…Astagfirullah.
They do everything but raising their hands to make du’a to Allah.
And when you try to tell them they should make du’a rather than doing those, they answer you back with “intention is in the heart.” Astagfirullah.

I will not go deeper in this issue, rather I want to enlighten you with a story about how when someone makes Allah Azza Wa Jall his guarantor in this dunya, things become easy for him and there is ease in situations that he or she goes through.
It might sound as if it is not related to the lottery stuff, but read on and in sha Allah we can all ponder about the soul striking event that took place in this story.

     Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu Anhu said that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam related the story of a person who asked another person to lend him one thousand dinars. 

     When the lender asked him to bring a few witness, the borrower said: “Allah is enough as a witness.”
Then the lender asked him to bring someone who could stand as a guarantor, the borrower replied: “Allah is enough as a guarantor.”

     The lender agreed and gave him the loan for a fixed period.
The borrower went on sea voyage and carried out his business. When he had made his money and looked for a boat to return home to pay the lender at the specified time, he could not find one. So he took a log of wood, split it, put the money inside the cavity with a letter addressed to the lender, and sealed it.

     Then he stood on the seashore and prayed to Allah, saying, “O Allah, you know well I took a loan from so-and-so. When he asked me for a guarantor for the loan, I mentioned Your name. I tried my best to find a boat so that I could sail back home and pay him the loan but I could not find any. Now I entrust the money to You.”

     On the day when the specified period of the loan was over, the lender went to the sea, to look for a ship that would bring the borrower to pay him back. As he looked out to the sea, he saw a log of wood floating on the waves. He picked it up thinking he would use it later as fuel. When he reached his home, he split it to burn it, and discovered the one thousand dinars and the letter.

     A few days later, the borrower came home and brought him a further one thousand dinars. The lender asked him: “Did you send me something?” 
The borrower replied: “I told you I could not find a ship.” 
The lender said: “Allah conveyed to me the money you deposited with Allah in trust. Take back one thousand dinars and go home in peace.”

Subhan’Allah. The beauty of having Allah to witness everything that we do. Alhamdulillah.
It was not by luck that the piece of log came to the lender and definitely it was not by chance that he took it.

As Muslims, we do not believe in luck and chances, we believe in the Qadr of Allah Azza Wa Jall.
It was written.
It was written that the log of wood be handed to the lender and that the lender would see and read what was meant for him.
This is only one of the grandeurs of having Allah as our Guarantor and Witness in things that we do, so make it count.

Remember, the beauty we get from this oath of having Him as Guarantor and Witness can also have a reciprocal of ugliness and that only comes when we do not do what we say or we do not commit to something we said we have committed.

Indeed, Allah is All Knowing and All Aware. [49:13]

Also, see how the lender did not take advantage of the borrower, he could have easily taken the other one thousand dinars, but he did not, why? because He knows Allah was the Witness and Guarantor.
It’s sad how people are so easy to swear in the name of Allah these days, I hope anyone who does so, knows the weight and impact that this simple act can bring to you both in this dunya and especially in your grave.

And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall enlightens everyone’s heart on trusting Him than taking chances on things that do not guarantee us of anything.



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