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182 - learn from suhayb

So things didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be?

You worked so hard for something yet in a snap everything vanished.
So you feel depressed, tarnished and you feel like the whole world just dropped on your shoulders and then there comes this moment of silence, then slowly you recap all that had happened… one by one until suddenly you stop and start asking “why had this happened? why me?”

We all went there right? Some may be still in this phase. May Allah make it easy for everyone.
But come to think of it, is this desire of yours really worth everything? Is it that worthy to the point that you blame Allah for it? Astaghfirullah.
Compose yourself and read this story that would make you feel guilt of even asking “why me?”

       There was a man named Suhayb Roomi Radiyallahu Anhu who was once a slave of Abdullah Ibn Jad’an. This companion’s story was one of those rugs to riches one. 
He started a business when he came to Makkah and soon he became rich through this. When the time when he decided to convert to Islam and resolved to leave for Madinah, the pagans of Quraish blocked his way and told him to surrender all his wealth by telling him;

       “You came to Makkah as a slave. You grew up and made money here by trading. Now you want to take all this wealth you earned to Muhammad. No, that shall not be.”

       Instantly, Suhayb Radiyallahu Anhu gave away all his wealth, every single thing, down to the last penny he had. Left with only his clothing, he went on foot to Madinah!
When he arrived in Madinah, tired and disheveled, the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said to him; 

       “O Abu Yahya, you made a profitable bargain.”

       Indeed, he did. He sacrificed all his wealth for the love of Allah Azza Wa Jall, and this man from riches, came back to a life full of simplicity and piety. 

Imagine, everything that you have earned just disappeared and was taken from you in one split second. 

Truly this story reminds us that everything that we earn, everything that we have are all from Allah Azza Wa Jall, and all of these can be taken away from us anytime Allah Azza Wa Jall desires. We all have to keep that in mind.

So learn from the life of Suhayb Radiyallahu Anhu, look at how he was, no matter what happened to his life, he remained attached to Allah, he remained on his ultimate goal of pleasing Allah Azza Wa Jall, with or without the wealth, as long as he was able to worship Allah then he lived in peace.
While most of us are complaining when we lose a little bit of money here, or that we can’t buy these latest gadgets or that we can’t buy all these new clothes and abayas. It is indeed a high time for us to check our deeds and renew our intentions.
Wallah, let us not be amongst those people whom the more they stay in this dunya the more they drown under it, remain attached to Allah, and you will remain on sail and not drowned by your desires.
So next time, rethink, reflect and remain focused on your goal, and by the time you experience such calamity again, you’ll not be saying why me anymore rather you’ll be saying Alhamdulillah it was me.



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