180 - unexpected february


for those who know nothing, it's better to not say anything. the weight of every words from your tongue could ruin others' happiness. to judge people for what you hear and see is not a good one. you don't go through on what they have been experienced. so, you get no authorities to judge them. i dislike the word of 'hate' but i am using it now in my blog. i really hate people who judge people easily, of what they hear and see.

i know 'they' won't read this, so i decided to write it here. maybe some of us have difficulties in expressing theirselves; as i am one of them. for you who has interpreted me for being arrogant for not speaking kedah dialect, i am really sorry. that's mean you know nothing about my life; yet you judged me. i have been living at kedah for only eight out of twenty-one years of my life. i have a family where all members of my family are able to speak normal common dialect of malaysia. even my tok and wan also can do so. within our family, we do talk in kedah dialect; however when we are being exposed to society; automatically we would talk in a dialect where everyone would talk in a same dialect. since young (specifically since 5 years old), i was 'trained' to do so. all my family members too did the same.

pardon me, we are not feeling ashamed of being born at kedah. i am grateful and proud enough for being born at kedah. eight out of twenty-one years old only; my life is at kedah. since young, i communicate with people surround me in a natural common dialect. i am just getting used to it, that to an extend, it is really hard for me to change it even though i was communicating with people from north. please look at below; here is my timeline of my family's life;

1980-1983 : Kedah
1981-1996 : Perak
1997-2001 : Kedah
2002-2009 : Perak, Pahang (for few months)
2010-2012 : KL
2013-now : Kedah

then, you can judge. fyi, only 9 years of 35 years of my brother's life is at kedah. of course; automatically we tend to speak in a dialect where everyone could understand us, it is normal. please don't judge me before you know everything about me. i tried to speak in kedah dialect with friends, but i just can't get to istiqamah on doing that. i'm sorry that i am not perfect. it just bothering me for not being able to share it to people who keep on judging me.

so, please. don't judge people of what you hear and see. get to know them first before doing so because you don't know what they have been experiencing before.


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