178 - ultimate changes from your heart moved others

"most people want to save the world. it's a lovely thought, and i'm not saying it's not a noble pursuit- but it's impossible to save everyone. you just have to pick your little corner of the world and focus your energy there. that's the only way you will ever make a difference. but i don't know if i can make a difference. it feels like i am screaming at the top of my lungs, but no one can hear me. no one cares. how can i change anything if i'm completely powerless? you may be powerless now, but there will be a time when you won't be. don't you see? and that's the time for you to be loud, to tell the world about the changes you want to see, to set them in motion." - lang leav

Assalamu'alaikum by Faizal Tahir made changes. Although not for everyone, for at least someone has changed. That's why, da'wah and tarbiyah doesn't need title ustazah, warak, 'alim etc to do so. Every person in every field they are in; can do so. Brave and embrace yourself and say you can do it. May Allah bless him.

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