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#157 - Komorebi - sunlight that filters through the leaves of tree

cr : tumblr

" .. Is life too heavy on your heart..?
Call upon God,
and ask for help,
No one will help you but Him,
The difficulties of your heart will melt away,
As you call out "O Allah" .."

Throw any great expectations in your life when you can't hold your breath for five minutes. Great expectations are great but to expect for having those without any flaws - it just can't.
Scrolling on Tumblr and found something. It popped out in my mind and made me think. Again.
I met a word today. *huh?

cr : tumblr

Yup, komorebi. Sunlight that filters through the leaves of tree. The way I see it make me want to relate the situation in our life. You love the bright, shiny sun yet you can't even look at it properly. You want to touch the sun yet you are way too far from it. You hurt your eyes when you try to look at it. So, you go towards a tree and you try to look at it. Even though you are far, hurt your eyes and can't see the sun fully, you are satisfied - better than before. Life isn't easy - same situation how you are going to have a look at the sun. If you manage to find a solution, you will be satisfied. Although it's hurt when you are able to see the sun ; still you are smiling - looking at your efforts to find a tree.

"Certainly, We have created man to struggle." [Quran 90:4]

It is life. Stumble when you just stand, fall over when you run or hurt your body even when you sleep - it is life. When you think everything goes wrong, it's not. Life is tough but you are tougher - more than you can imagine. Allah will not burden your souls beyond what you can bear. We heard it too many times that it does not make our heart flutter anymore - sometimes. Like I've said earlier, call out 'O Allah' , together with your souls, immediately if God wills, your difficulties will flow away, just like flowing water in a river. Happy Nuzul Quran, it's today. For God blessing that I'm still here. Alhamdulillah.


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