#148 - Budak kecik itu

Alhamdulilillah jari masih belum ditarik Allah untuk kembali menaip. Heh.

For budak kecik tu, please has a blessed life in this world forever in Allah's will. Please has a blessed life in hereafter forever in Allah's will.

For budak kecik tu, eventhough you still don't understand what I am typing, please bear in your mind. Allah with you in every second in your life. May you become a good, responsible boy, and man too. May you become a hafidz like your Umi wished too. In Allah's willing.

For budak kecik tu, be a great man who hold tight to Quran and Sunnah when you grown up. I am the one who tahnik you and I felt very sorry that I am the one who tahnik you. Jangan nakal-nakal. Please do not leave your prayer whatever circumstances you must face.

Makteh has no present for you as I am not working yet. Though, this simple du'a is for you. May Allah granted all your du'as.

Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan Muhammad Hareez Al Fateh,
Allah selamatkan kamu.

From your lovely Makteh,
8th of March.
Kedah-Selangor bond ;)


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