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#147 - Grown up big

Be loved by Him, please?


Babak I
Sedang mencari jalan nak pujuk Hareez so that he eat the green veges. Berdua dengan dia makan nasi waktu tengah hari.

Hareez : Makteh, I want the bunga, the white one.
Aku : Huh? Bunga? What bungaaa? This one? *sambil menunjukkan bunga kobis
Hareez : Yeah, thank you Makteh. *sambil lompat-lompat nak makan
Aku : Have a seat first. Then, you can eat. Doaaa. Umi kan dah ajar. Ce bace. I want to hear it.
Hareez : Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Allahummabariklana......... Aameen.
Aku : Heh. *here comes the idea Do you want to eat a leaf? I got a leaf. What colour is this? *sambil menunjukkan sayur bayam
Hareez : Green lahh. I know colours well. *sambil angkat-angkat kening dia I don't want to eat that. Only goat lahhh eat leaves. And cow too. Makteh, are you a goat or a cow?
Aku : ??? No laaahhh. *Hey budak kecik ni Adess. Then, what animals do eat flower? Haaa..
Hareez : There is no animals eat the flower. So, I'm a human. Hehehe.
Aku : Okay, the 'bunga' and the 'leaf' are vegetables. Enough then, eat properly. Jangan lupa baca doa lepas makan nanti.
Hareez : Okay Makteh. But still I don't want to eat leaf.
Aku : *rasa nak ketuk je kepala comel dia tu


Babak II
Lepas solat Zuhur, dia ajak main Ultraman. I refused him, of course. Heh.

Hareez : Makteh, Hareez wants to play with Faheema *sambil tunjuk dekat adik dia
Aku : No no. Main kat sini sudah.
Hareez : Why?
Aku : You will make your sister fall. Nanti darah, sakit. Pity for her. Kannn?
Hareez : Why Makteh not fall?
Aku : Makteh has grown up laa. Dah besar. Faheema besar-besar nanti tak jatuh la. So, when time comes you can play with your sister. Okay?
Hareez : Oohhh. How big you are? How to know we are besar or not?
Aku : Errr, later I will tell you.*trembling, takde idea nak jawab apa.hoho. rasa macam nak jawab makan banyak-banyak je. haha
Hareez : No, I want to know.
Aku : Or you can ask your Umi and Daddy? * Haha, the best solution


How to decide that we have grown up big enough, huh?
Bukan besar yang difahami si budak kecil Hareez tu.
Besar yang matang. Itu yang aku maksudkan.
Kata mereka,
Dah tahu yang mana halal dan haram, dah besar la tu.
Dah tahu yang mana boleh dan tak boleh, dah besar la tu.
Dah tahu yang mana betul dan salah, dah besar la tu.
Dah tahu yang mana patut dan tak patut, dah besar la tu.

Heh, sampai bila kita semua nak jadi budak kecik?


  1. Assalamualaikum ukhti (what should I call u then? ^^ )
    jazakilllah atas huluran ukhwah di blog. moga sentiasa dalam dakapan cinta Allah. take care!

    oh, salam taaruf! ^^

  2. @nusrahWaalaikumussalam. Ohh, panggil saya imia. Heh. Saya suka karya anda di blog itu. Salam taaruf juga buat anti (:

  3. @AlMuhandis.
    Ohhh, sape? The makteh or the budak kecik hareez? Heh ;P


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