It's a war - HB

As-Salam . Last post before SPM . Guys , dudes ! I wish a very good luck for 95th liner . SPM is our turning point where are we after the enjoyable school end . For SMKPSians all the best , we can be the best , I love you guys ;) InsyaAllah , everything in Allah's sake . For ex-SKTDIians , I am very aware that you guys are the best achiever until now , even in the trial . For SASICians , lets make our batch is the best batch ever , TOGETHER . Running , fast walking , pressure , class , modules , programmes : we can achieve our 11A+ although these tough activities made us so tired and exhausted . Pray , pray and pray . Allah helps someone who helps Him . We pray for 11A+ to ensure that ISLAM is on the top of other outrageous schools .
Our Muslims outside are exhausted . I can't give up until they filled up with full of energy to fight the unnecessary enjoyment !


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