How Come ?

As-Salam ,
I have nothing to write about but I want to tell you guys that someone called me IMIA as International Medical Informatics Associations . Haha . It is totally funny . Macam mana awak boleh terfikir nak panggil saya macam tu ? Let see . Just now , I'm browsing what is IMIA that she means it . So , Google-ing and found it .
IMIA is an independent organisation that plays a role in promoting and furthering the application of information science in modern society , particularly in the fields of healthcare , bioscience and medicine.
Apa yang saya faham tentang IMIA ni ialah dia macam promote untuk bab-bab penjagaan kesihatan , biosains and perubatan kot . Eh , awak . Awak nak panggil saya macam tu pun takpe . Macam bergaya je :P
Wassalam .


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