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good job imia :)

Subhanallah instead of wahhh~!

As-Salam .
It's 1835 pm in my laptop . searching searching and searching and finally found it ~! my BEST blogger finally found . Jat , aku rindu kau ! I search it for a long time , since I keep changing the laptop . Not MY laptop but you know i have many siblings :P

It's not worthy if I don't open her blog . Dusshh , every words bite , you know . I feel that it's better that I keep realise my wrong deeds than keep perasan with my good but not so good deed . I have a story for you all . I heard it two times . First in tazkirah at mosque near my home and once again in IKIM fm . I think I've heard it for two times means that Allah wants me to share this story with you :)

This story is about our Prophet , Muhammad S.A.W. One day , there is a conversation between Saidina Abu Bakr and other companion . " O Abu Bakr , I'm so longing and missing my ikhwan ( sahabatku ) , " Prophet said . " O Rasulullah , don't we are your friends ? " ask Abu Bakr . " No , you are my companions . " Prophet replied .

Looking at Abu Bakr and other friends of confusion , Muhammad S.A.W immediately clear : " Ikhwan is that they never see me , bu they believe in me as a Prophet , and they love me more than they love the children and old people . " The friend was not satisfied and asked , " O Messenger of Allah , is not us your ikhwan ? ". " You are my companions ! " Rasulullah explained again .

" O Abu Bakr , would not you also miss my ikhwan because they also love you because you are my companion ? "This makes a big question for companion of Prophet . Then , Rasulullah told that they were people of the Prophet after his death . Although they did not see Rasulullah but they still believe in Allah and His Messenger . They read Quran and Hadith and they love Prophet as the last Prophet . They also love companions of Prophet who struggle to uphlod Islam . "

So , are you happy with my story ? Rasulullah miss us ! Why don't we solawat and praise him because he do miss us . May we be among people that has been dubbed by Rasulullah as ikhwan - people who missed by Prophet . My mum did said that if I want to be among these people , plenty do the sunnah of the Prophet who handed down to us his great sunnah .

I love this quote said by my blogger friends who jihad for Islam too ,

Saling mengingati itu perlu ,
Saling menyampaikan itu juga perlu ,
Saling berkongsi itu pun perlu .
thanks Jat ~!

So , I've done sharing this story with all of my blogger friends . Do take note of the story . Have a great Jumaat and Wassalam . And for last said :) Prophet said this last sentence for seven times :D

" Blessed are those who believe in me but did not see me . "


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