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i'm back !

Salam guys ! 
errr , i'm back and wanna ask you all a quest :
do you miss me ?
ahaha , I don't really know your answer , mesti ada yang kata tak kan ?! oh , last update was on 2nd january and this post is on 2nd february . see ? 1 month hiatus is more than enough for me , rindu tau nak tulis panjang-panjang . actually , hari-hari imia jenguk blog lambat loading ni , reply all those cute tag on my TB . but , [therewillalwaysbutinmylife] peeps yang visit blog dah kurang , stats pun menurun je -.-

eh-eh , salah sape kan ? imia lah , tak update , jadi macam ni la  [blamemyself] . kalau you guys nak tau , follower I kejap turun kejap naek , ahaha , ade yang unfollow ^^;; eh , tak kesah la sebab imia kan jarang update , buat tambah list following je kan . kalau rasa-rasa nak unfollow pun takpe , imia terima dengan hati terbuka ;)

tapi kalau my tumblr ade orang unfollow , memang kejam lah , imia punya reblog many things tau ! all shinee's stuff ! tapi alhamdulillah , baru sorang je unfollow ! naseb baik yang unfollow tu pun kureng menarik sikit dia punya tumblog ^^ , FYI , imia hanya follow shawols and bit of b2st,soshi and boice je dekat tumblr , sekali terfollow andromedas , ahaha , lawak-lawak , tapi imia tak unfollow [i'mnotlikethat] .

hey-hey , memang panjang la kan , entry ni ! melepas rindu lah katakan , sebulan weh , SEBULAN means lot things for me , rindu semua , tau tak ? tapi , lepas ni imia memang akan jarang update , sebab i got my dreamt KISAS , guys ! gonna go there this 7 Feb . pray for my successful future ! i will miss my tumblr more than blog,sorry ! 

kan imia kata lot of stories kan , one of them is *drum banging* i'm mastering Photoshop a bit well ! eh-eh , tu pun seronok ke ? wae ? seronok la cik adik abang akak , dahla newbie dalam PS ni , last-last got to mastering this annoying PS ! gambar kat atas tuh , imia punye tau , jangan snap :P imia buat sendiri ! bangga-bangga ^-^

ok , my short yet full entry , going like this way , full of craps , mind it ya ? babai and salam 'alaiyk ^^;;

p/s : shawols , do tell me the colours of balloons represent whom ?
p/ss : i love you , my new follower !
p/sss : 사 랑 해 샤 이 니  and 이 미 아 and also 태 민 , kekeke


  1. i try :)



  2. @Atheeraa bit wrong there ^^;;
    anyway , wanna know the answer ?

  3. Green = Onew
    Pink = Key
    Yellow = Taemin
    Orange = Minho
    Blue = Jonghyun

  4. chukahae!!! KISAS tuuu~ :)


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