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review ghost movies !


Salam guys ! today's post are totally out , ahaha , i'm reviewing the ghost movie my sis and i watched just now ! its not a movie but TWO movies , ngeee ~ i'm bored with all the romance and comedy stories either dramas or movies , and i turn out into thriller movies , wahhh ~ i hate thriller dramas as it may takes a long story line then --' lol , now i'm ready to review , ngee ~

first review : Wishing Stairs movie , a korean movie , i'm giving a moderate rating [ 6/10 ] because the ending was hillarious , the ghost still appear , huntwo [ i mean hantu ] haha , i hate those endings , freaks me huh ! i hate a never ending ghost story . umm , the movie is about two fiens who adore ballets , and one day , their teacher needs to choose who are the best among them , and girl A got the chance , but her best friend girl B , feel miserable with her teacher's desicion and it makes girl B hates girl A but girl A didnt realise it . and girl B found a stairs creature who have 29 rungs , and it same with their school stairs at the back ! but the stairs just have 28 rungs . but someone said that who really gives her/his heart to the stairs , any request will be granted . and girl B got steps to the 29th rung and ...... haa , wanna know more ? watch the movie ya ! its quite good ! and it really freaks me !

second review : death bell 2 , a korean movie too ^^ . i'm rating 10/10 becuase there has my favourite actor/singer - T-ara's Jiyeon , huh ~ her acting skills are quite good ! and it really makes me scared !! its story remind me to my best frenz , grr ~ i hope i will be jiyeon . lol ! the ending is totally great ! suke-suke ! hehe , this movie is about three girl which are best frenz , one day , girl A died , and girl B know whtas happen but girl C is clueless , after their best frenz died , their relationship getting more distant , and makes them hate each other ! one day , 50 students [ i dont really know how much is it ] who get the best results , need to stay up in the school till morning  , and the school gates and main door will be closed to make sure the students not getting out ! and suddenly , they heard a screaming and .......... its over , and i just want to share the ending , hehe , the ending is good ! LOL , sue me ;) [ do remember this is death bell 2 not death bell ya ]

ok , my review ends here , i have watching one more thriller movie , One Missed Call Final , that movie is damn good ! japan movie ! i love it ! haha , ok , now its time for doodles ! this doodles are also a freak doodle , haha , lawak gila doodle kali ni , bila jumpe hantu boleh lg diri dengan sopan ! ok , laen kali aku buat stail lain ok ?!


  1. I can't stand horror movies! They give me nightmares! ):

  2. I can't stand horror movies! They give me nightmares! ):

  3. haha , lol , just watch it , ihate nightmares too , dear :(


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