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nothing :)

Salam guys , this post has nothing except a few words and lot of pics ! thanks to syera because make the shadow tutorial and it works ! xD , love her now , ahaha , sebelum ni love jugak , jangan terpedaya ;)

haha , first trial doesnt work and then the next trial and it works ! life pun kena ade trial and error , tak gitu ?! ok , next pic are like dslr function , focusing lens tu , tapi i tak guna dslr but Canon biasa sahaja ^^ and then edited by PS ;)

haha , this pic is focusing to 'ain , with her surprise faces , sure its cute , and this entry has no doodle as i'm being quite busy these days ! then it ends here ~ toodles ! salam 'alaiyk ;)


  1. gmbaq aimi yg mta bso tu x ltak ke??

  2. tanak , malu la wey , tadak sorang pun kat sini yg kenal km selain skul kita , yg len suma luar negara , and ada la yg dlm negara tp dia x knl km ^^


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