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lollypop :D

Salam peeps ! heyp , today’s entry is sedikit lambat as I khusyuk berblogwalking tadi , ahaha xD . i nak tulis hari ni mesti la ade kena mengena dengan the title of the year kan ?? ok , I’m not a newbie in blogger things , almost 2 years kalau tak silap , and kalau berfacebooking , it has been 1 year if I’m not mistaken jugakk la . and I think that I WANT TO deactivate my facebook account , I just DEACTIVATE and it doesn’t mean DELETE ok ! and I plan to do this freaking job after i got my PMR's result . and about bloggy things , i nak go on je coz i like writing and it doesnt hurt anyone , ryte ?

emm , the reason why i'm doing this awkward thing is sebab MAYBE next year i'm going to stay at hostel and i don't think facebbok is non-restricted in any computer lab at any school ryte ? mana ade sekolah die bagi bukak facebook hari-hari kan ? mana ada sekolah bagi bukak segala benda alah tu kan ?? emm , lari tajuk la pulak , haish ! tadi waktu nak mula tulis punya tadak idea =='

kembali pada lollypop , if i write about lollypop , mesti teringat tentang cameron , lawatan tuu ~ sape tak ingat kan ??  ( actually idea ni datang lepas fikir ape nak letak for my doodles nnti , eheh )

i'm the black one :D

oh , bila tengok pic kat atas ni , teringat jam gucci i yang dah habes bateri tu ,, lollypop jugak akan membuatkan aku teringat dekat cameron tu , waktu aku ngan farah berebut nak yang colourful , ala , yang besar tu , sedapp sangat !

ish2 , ni buat lagi teringin ni , haha xD . huh , farah and i siap berposing-posing maut cute lagi depan camera lomo sendiri , tapi i takleh la share those pics , sebab its quite sexy , [ can i said that ? ] haha . kalau korang tengok all those pics , hancur harapan korang nak cari girlfriends [ tertambah letter 's' lah , jangan pandai-pandai tambah sendiri ] baru , siap boleh jadi lesbo lagi bagi perempuan , hahaha , tipu je lahh , i ni sopan tau takk , huahuahua xD . ok , doodles time , hari ni satu je , no special case , no another domo , cause i tak buat lagi domo tu , haha , ni dia , taklah lawa sangat , random , macam orang tak reti pape , as usual lah kan ??

ok ,sudah-sudah , adik aku dok menggesa tu , nak guna tenat , tak sabar nak tengok korean drama online la tu , aku pun kadang-kadang enjoy sekali ^^ , babai and salam 'alaiyk :)


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