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its time for reception :)

this pic are nothing to do with my post :)

Salam guys , heyp , this entry quite late as i'm so busy with my kaklong and kak una' reception :) , and i love to busy my day with all the chores . and really sorry guys , i have not take any good snap , and maybe next time i will post a perfect entry include all the pics ^^ . i got many things to do , packing all the sweets , kueh and the 'hantaran' , and its fun ! and i'm also eating the strawberries bought my makcik at cameron , and its SOUR , you know that when the change of temperature and climate , the strawberries turn sour instead of sweet xD . [ i want to make all of you WANT the strawberries , so watch carefully the pic below , haha ]

and just now , i have seen my kaklong's drawer and its awesome , lot of beautiful clothes , dress , and shawl ! its was awesome [ two times already ] , you know !! i'd love to have that drawer , ahaha xD ! and i want to see the bridal cloth , but it was not there ==' . i forgot that it was a rent from a boutique and one another [ bought ] are also at the boutique [ they was two dress for each other :) ] and their drawer full of teddy bear ! i love if there was rilakkuma there , hehe xD . look below ,pretty ryte ? huh i wish i'll be kaklong :P .hehe

lol , how can i write all this if i'm busy ryte ? i just wanna inform you that on the next entry , i will answer all of your taggie , [ btw , thx dudes for the tag ^^ ] harap-harap korang boleh bagi lagi :P , haha . and of course this short entry ended with doodle ryte ? lately , i'm kinda busy , and i'm not doodling , i will continue when i have any free time :) here it is , its bad , hell i know that , but i'm still newbie , so dont blame on me :)  hehe , hey , i will post my rilakkuma and domokun doodle on next entry , ^^

okey , its done for this entry , salam 'alaiyk and see ya ! :D


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