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everything's new :D

Salam guys ! hey , i've download new browser , hehe , i'm a download maniac to-be , ahaha xD , ok wanna know what browser i'm downloading ? yeah ! its Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 . its really like a google chrome browser , but what should i say yeah ? its BETTER than google chrome , proud of it ! ahaha :D

here is the screen-shot of my new browser ! and its purple ! grr ~ ahahah , bet fatimah and adila will really love it ;)

*no enlarge click because nanti maybe korang akan sekodeng benda-benda yang tak patut diketahui :P

haha , see the scroll arrow ? ya , its purple , and maybe some of you already knew this browser , but i think dont much of you know , isn't it ? and the theme can be chosen , i just randomly picked that purple theme , somehow , i will change it btw ;) hey dear ! i'm also downloading new adobe illustrator [ AI ] with no trial version and its free , hehe , and i'm going to download other Adobe products too , without trial version and its the lastest ! ngee ~ some of the will-b mine ! : adobe photoshop cs5 extended and adobe lightroom 3 ;) , bet those products are the best ever ! i'm ending this here and now , babai and salam 'alaiyk ;)

ps : just forgot to tell you , and i'm now in 4sn1 class , and bet that will be BORING !
pss : farah and 'ain will be separated from me as they are in 4sn2 class :(
psss : i'm applying agama kedah now , hope will be chosen :)


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