doodle part 2 :D

Salam :)
So sorry dila ,. i'd said nak buat mini story kan . ta jadik lah .ta sempat . you tak kesah kan ? haha . those doodles below are officially made by me . kindly ask or credits if you want to use that :D . the first teddy , i LOVE it . second teddy [ i hate it --' ] . haha .

the doodle there are just the music core and the HEART

BAD . i know .

i love this GIRL !

second teddy are JERK --'

idk how to doodle a girl with long hair , teach me !

i love this TOO . its quite GOOD :D

the most i love is this . so cute !!

actually , there are a lot more ! i just cant post today , as it will cause this entry are too LONG ! . haha
ok , see you on the next entry . BABAI xD


  1. he..
    aimi cena nk boh wrna dia?
    pstu nk save .
    dia naek mcm mna ntah..

  2. kalau nak letak wrna , ampa kena pilih bentuk mouse belah kiri tu , pastu buat kotak dekat dia , pastu tekan K , pilih kaler dan kalerkan , kalau nak save , pilih save for web and device . hope bolah bntu dila :))

  3. what, you own a tablet, NOW? D:

  4. kmi try wat.
    tp dia wrnakan line ja.
    yg dlm2 tu x pon`~~

  5. anon : no lah , tablet are too expensive to buy [ for me ] :D

    adila : ooo , lepas ampa pilih tool cursor tu kan , ampa klik dekat gambar tu , pastu ampa tekan K kat keyboard , baru pilih kaler , then bru warnakan :)

  6. apa yang saya cari, terima kasih


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