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award untuk korang :)

Salam babes , 
disebabkan followerku bertambah mendadak dengan cepat sekali , aku ingin bagi korang AWARD ! haha , suke tak , kepada semua followerkuh [ buat masa ni ade 30 follower , tapi new follower boleh ambil jugak ye ] , boleh ambil award ni dengan rasa bangga , and please inform me after you take the award , yeah , nak jenguk-jenguk , ni award die :)

hehe . award yang aku buat sendiri guna tangan aku [ takkan guna kaki kot ] . homemade weh . and its pink  hehe . doodle kali ini lengkap dengan blusher ^^ . plus riben kat baju dia . hehe . eh2 , aku kena cipta soalan kan ? emm , tentang aku la ye :) jap , fikir dulu , untuk pengetahuan korang , aku bangun awal-awal pagi nak buat bende nih , hargai ye ! lagi pun ni je la cara aku nak thanks kat you all ^^ soalan die :

1) tell me the 5 truth of yourself [ dont ever cheat yeah ]

2) tell me the 5 truth about my blog [ insert any kritikan sekali ye ]

3) do you really appreciate being my follower ?

4) why did you followed my blog ?

5) last but not least , the one you want to say to me ! :)

sorry guys , soalan in English , better for me , jawab dalam bahasa ape pon takpe ^^ . that's all , do enjoy my award all of my follower , and have a happy day ! and do write my name in your entry , haha , gatal ;)

p/s : follower , kalau dah ambil inform ye :) ,


  1. x nk amik...
    nak curi je....

    p/s = da curi... :)

  2. Thank youuu :) I'll make it later . by the way , you buat doodle2 semua ni dekat mana eh ? really nice ! Im love it . dont mind share ? <3 :)

  3. kak aisyah : haha , da bce .

    nadia : oh , doodle tu i buat dekat Adobe illustrator ^^

  4. saye mahu..saye mahu..HAHAHAH!!,,thanks!

  5. cemana nak download eh ? dia tak sama kan dengan adobe photoshop ? i ade adobe photoshop yg cs4 punye je . :(

  6. oh , tulis je adobe illustrator cs5 free download ^^

  7. salam...
    ime,,,, im already take it!!!
    thanks ya...
    my answers:
    1. i think u already noe,,right???ha3
    2. cntik,kreatif, tersgtlah enjoy,,, byk info,,,n...comel!!!
    4.coz ur blog mnrik!
    5.anda tersgtlah kreatif!!! :)

  8. ohhh yes! I definitely want the award. anyway, it's up to u whether u want to give it to me or not. :p

    1)truth about myself:
    *i don't cook.
    * i tend to fall for long-haired guys. :)
    *i <3 cupcakes.
    *i <3 marriage. i'd like to get married n have my own child.
    *i have a very low self-esteem.

    2)5 truth bout ur blog:
    *simple yet cute
    *love the doodles!
    *the blog is designed by the owner herself. thumbs up!
    *appreciate her followers by giving awards to 'em.

    3)yes! i appreciate following ur blog. i find it very informative. plus, i cant resist the cuteness:D

    4)i followed ur blog bcoz it's an eye candy! :) i love reading people's thoughts.

    5)dear IMIARUN, your blog is damn cute! i bet you're cute too! keep on posting those cute doodles. im keen on reading more from u. <3

    p/s: waiting for ur response:)

  9. Akak =DD
    Dah siap ! tengokla post saya <33

  10. you , i dh siap buat dah :) take a look yea
    sorry latee :(

  11. hey , saya nak ambik award :D
    thanks btw :)

  12. dah siap..bacelah ye kalu ade masa..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh


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