Salam guys ! oh , the title is a bit **** huh , ryte ? ya , today is the LAST day for 2010 . all good and bad thingy i have done this year . the most freaks me is PMR and its all over now , and really satisfied with it :D haha , many of my wishes comes true , All Praises to Allah and Alhamdulillah xD 

wishes for the year of 1s [ i mean 2011 ] ? yeah , i've already thinked about it since 1 Muharram yang lepas , cume tak post , ok-ok , this new year , i wish :
  • i can success both dunia akhirat
  • i can turn into 6 again
  • i can drive
  • i can get straight As every times i take the exam
  • i can buy stuffed bears like rilakkuma or domokun
  • i can buy a diana lomo or dslr ?
  • i can keep my scholarships money up to RM200
  • i can ...

hey , of course the second and thirds are just a joke and *i know thats not funny  .
actually , there were lot more , i can't just post it here ;) ok see ya , in the new year , of course ! love ya , toodles ! babai and salam 'alaiyk xD

ps : i just praying you have success in your live and hope your wishes comes true !


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