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Salam guys !
Heyp !
What’s going on yeah today ?!
Ughh ~
Really boring as I’m just online and online and online !

nak bebas !!

Just finished my Laksa [ one more Malay delicacy ]
And straight to this lappy and write this entry ==’
Tonight ,
Tanak online jugakk ,
Wanna watch TV !
Yesterday , I’m watching Wipeout !
Damn best weyh !
Gila lawak when it comes to the third challenge !
My sis and I gelak memanjang jer :D
Btw , today nak write about editing blog
I’m going to stop editing blog since today ,
And maybe till I gonna be really boring with this design !
[ lepas nih nak buat 2 column balik ]
And editing blog just became my hobby now !
And I’m currently editing my new blog [ I’ve got the domain , and its free ]
With other colors [ not blue and pink anymore ]
And with an animated header , yeah !
I’d made an animated header , you can see right now !
WOW ! proud of myself xD
I know that I’ve already change my header so many times ,
[kalau nak tengok file header blog aku sudah ada 11 header ]
Lot ryte ?
Ok dear !
i really wanna see the whole world from the high place ,
like this :)

nak jadi diaa !
and that was the last ridiculous sentence =='
It ends here .
This boring entry makes you day better :P
Heh .
Babai  :)


  1. wow! i got a new, free domain too! here it is: http://www.my-life-getaway.co.cc

    and regarding your question about how i did my navigation on my blog (http://vannice95.blogspot.com) , you may refer here: http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-do-my-navigations.html

  2. oh , you are really nice . thx ya . btw , i will follow you !


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