kawaii mp3 :D

salam :)
today i wanna type and talk [ even , its not alr ]
about MP3 :D
MP3 is one of the things that listed on my wishlist yang tak terkabul lagik ~
somehow , i'm already browsing many kawaii mp3 out there .
and those photos below are my DREAMS !!

Mashimaro mp3 :D

Mickey Mouse mp3

Womanista mp3
Hello Kitty mp3

so , which one the most kawaaii yah ?
i will choose the mashimaro one instead of others ,
cause it's tiny , and easy to hide from pihak berkuasa
even its more easy to bring it to school ,
i will not bring it , nanti my study hancuss lahh !
when i grow up nanti ,
i hope i can get it !
buy using own money are more precious than others' 
ok .
see ya !
babai :))


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