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orphans ! we need them :)

salam guys !
just now i'd made apam :)
wah ! damn delicious kot !
maybe the next post i will post about THAT yummy apam :)
today , i wanna talk about orphans
orphans are usually less confidence and too shy too talk in front of peeps .
a word suitable for them : HUMBLE
gambar hiasan - malu mereka macam ni kot
but i dont think that all of them are like that ~
orphans are just too scared from being rejected from society i think ~
they maybe become more courage than us ,
yeah ! ex : ME =='
i love to read e-novel ,
ya ! MALAY e-novel ,
and i'd found this adorable blog !
and she has made a mini stories about
this little girl [ not so ,  i think , same age with me ]
who really cared about orphans !
want to know more ?!
click this 
some quotes that i took
Hadis Nabi Muhammad S.A.W riwayat Ibnu Majah;
Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda, maksudnya: "Sebaik-baik rumah kaum muslimin ialah rumah yang ada anak yatim yang diasuh dengan baik dan sejahat-jahat rumah kaum muslimin ialah yang ada anak yatim yang selalu diganggu dan disakiti hatinya,"

the quote is absolutely CORRECT !
i want to share and help them too , for the time being !
we need the orphans
and orphans do need us !
ask yourself .
you'll know after you'd read the mini stories ,
kind of cute stories i think ,
congrats kak jat !
i hope i can be her : Dayana Falah
she's totally kind-hearted !
other stories of kak jat's
also are islamic :)
i'd read all of them ^^
ok then ,
it ends here ,
wanna have a chat with dila :)
babai .

p/s : credit to sweet again and again , saranghaeyo !
        i know that i'd made many grammatical errors !
        it's just a trying for being good in English XD


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