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ini apam kukus bukan apam balik :D

salam all .
title of this entry is APAM [ quite interesting title ]

i know that since long-long ago !
i'd told you all in the previous entry ,
i will write about this apam thingy , ryte ?
yest. , i'd made apam with my sis ,
after a tiring browser on webbies ,
i'd found many types of apam , 
apam mekar , apam kukus , apam balik , apam datang ,
we've made the decision ,
ya ! APAM . apam kukus !
quite simple but it's really yummy though !
the ingredients is readily available in my home ,
wanna know the recipe
here it is :)

Apam Kukus
3 biji telur
1 ½ cawan gula
2 cawan tepung gandum
¾ cawan air suam
1 camca besar baking powder
Pukul telur bersama gula hingga kembang, masukkan tepung dan baking powder yang telah diayak bersama sedikit demi sedikit. Masukkan air dan gaul hingga rata. Jika suka boleh masukkan warna mengikut kesukaan dan kukus hingga masak. Hidangkan bersama kelapa parut yang telah bergaul dengan garam.

yeah ! it's malay traditional delicacy ,
easy ryte ?
and the result is quite good ^^
wanna know how it is going in my kitchen ?
here , watch it !

haha ,
laugh when see those pics ?
bad quality cause i'm using handphone's camera !
so sorry guys !
ya ,
the containers are lot of type , i know !
there are 3 colours of apam ,
blue , white and green !
and it's cute , u know !
its finished quite fast when the first round of that apam kukus cooked !
 huh !
wondering the next recipe !
and i found this cute blog !
its all about food !
yah ! FOOD !
i love food !
heh ! quite overboard yah !
hell i know that =='
 ok , that's all ,
today's entry is early than my habit [ posting on the night ]
yeah ! i realise that !
 i just dont wanna on9 this night ,
i'm already boring with all this webbies [ FB n others ]
wanna change it to watch TV ,,
ok ,
it ends here ,
insyaAllah ,
the next day , 
we will meet again !
xD .

p/s : st pic is credit to weheartit
        others are credit to myself :D


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