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[ ya Allah ]

lamenyer ta post new en3..
sorry bebnyk ek
bkn tanak post..
malas jer..
ari ni nur post pon sbb
de pngumumn pnting
maybe bg korang ta baper pnting..
tp bg nur pnting la jgak..
esok aka ahad
nur de exam
klau korg bace nih korang doa la bnyk2 utk nur
nur agak cuak kat exam p.islam
coz my lovely ustazah does not accept a simple answer
she wants a full complete answer...
so i need to prepare that subject so much..
sob3 T_T
satu lg
nur mmg suker sgt khb
tp bab elektrik ngan elektronik tu mmg sangkut ckit..
bkn nye nur ta minat tp...
subjek pling nur suker ialah....
coz selaras 1 manede paper 2..
tu la syok tu
ta kene wat essay..
just bulat je jawapn yg btol
(actually hitamkn)
ok la..
nur nak pegi prepare utk sns, eng, nagn ni...
insyaAllah i can do it !!

"Ya Allah..permudahkanlah bagiku
dalam menjawab soalan-soalan ini..



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