192 - hakuna matata

Sometimes it's not the hardships and trials that make you realize how low your imaan has been and how desperately you need Allah and need to return to Him.
Sometimes, it's the blessings. Sometimes it's the outpour of blessings. Sometimes you just look around you and nothing has changed but you look around and you fall to your knees thinking, I don't deserve this. How merciful is your Rabb that you can go on this spiral of heedless sins and yet Allah holds back from taking it all away.

Pay attention. Be mindful of your time, Aimi.
The best way to show your gratefulness is through obedience and remembrance.

Yesterday was microbiology, today was pathology and tomorrow will be pharmacology minitest. Pray for my willingness and pure intentions in studying and learning the knowledge of Allah.

'Belajar apa-apa bidang pun susah. Renew your intention, Aimi.
Bak kata senior-senior KISAS dulu; 'keterpaksaan melahirkan keikhlasan'.

Aimi, you can do this! *bicepsemoji* *ingatsenangkenakcarimotivation*