188 - they asked me

People I love ask me why did I stop writing.

I didn’t stop. My writings are there; lecture notes, the corner of books, the sketches in papers, the notes in phone, the scribbles in assignments, the doodles in the tablet. Some of my writings may also on the net, where I want to share it.

I didn’t stop. I learn that some things are better left unsaid. Some things are not meant to be shared. Some things are better kept in a space where people can’t see it.

I didn’t stop. It is just that; I chose what I want to share. Because people may judge me for having too many flaws, which is not good. Because people are human beings where judgements are always being done.

I didn’t stop. I’m a human too, where I think too much about others’ feelings.

Yeah, I didn’t stop writing. *smile*