#164 - of roses and leaves

Kids said;
Roses are red,
Leaves are green.
But both color can change, according to situations. Roses are not always red, somehow it will turn brown when it already at brisk of its life, so do leaves.

Thus, changes are inevitable. How much you want yourself to be what and how you were, you have changed. You have changed to what you are now; and somehow you will change to a new you in the future. Realising this, you have to prepare to be changed, in shaa Allah in a better way.

Make a conscious effort to be better everyday, even if better is just a small thing. - Abdulbary Yahya

Changes do not happen overnight. It is a long and continuous process of life. Changing needs efforts. And efforts do not choose people, it's people who choose to make efforts. To make changes, it is within your inner self. How much you want changes, how much efforts did you put, it is your deal with yourself.