#141 - Do we really?

Lately, I have been reading lots of books. I don't know why I read about something weird. Turki has opened my eyes to another country, German! Mein Kampf. Do you know what is that? That is the title of one of the books I'd read which has been written by Adolf Hitler. That book is really something. Err, should I said : Cool ! This book is perhaps the only notable work written in two volumes by Adolf Hitler.

Do you know that Adolf Hitler was arrested when he took out a mass demonstration in favour of national unity for the formation of a socialist German state. He was tried by the People's Court in Munich and subsequently imprisoned. He wrote this books full of his political ideas, his beliefs and motivation, and his struggle to consolidate Germany into one great nation. Hmmm, what should I comment on this well-written book?

We all knew that walau apa pun yang kita buat but by using it the wrong way, it is fully unacceptable. niat tak menghalalkan cara kan? Emmm, terfikir jugak when we sometimes writing on blogs, did we really keen to followers or readers. My updated followers in this blogs is 259 peeps. Did they really read my entry? Wonderingggg.... Or should we come up with updating our status in Facebook, do we really not hoping for our friends' 'like' ? Or should we come up too with Twitter updating, do we really does not hoping for 'retweet' by someone back? Or Should I come up with Tumblr? Am I really not hoping for someone to 'heart' and 'reblog' my post? Astaghfirullahal'azim. Allah the Mercy. Allah knows everyone's hearts :|

Reading, reading and reading. That is the only things I do for now after SPM. It is not boring, though. It has opened my eyes to a new 'ilm which I really impressed with it. Later I will story you about Uthman 'Affan. The legend of the collector of Allah's sentences. Have a good day, guys! InsyaAllah :D
P/s : Currently reading Uncharted Path by President Lee Myung Bak, such a good book !


  1. kat mne carik buku philosophy2 tu ?
    menarik la ! adolf hitler :D

  2. @najihahusna
    oh, dekat mph. published by amwork. rasanya ada yang Malay version. Ayat buku ni belit-belit sikit sebab Adolf Hitler comes from Jerman.

  3. then dia mesti jenis yg hardcover n berat .
    ke bentuk novel ?


    huhu :DD

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @najihahusna
    Nope, dia tak hardcover. Its more macam buku Mustafa Kamal Atarturk. Dia ada two verse. Bebraloi kalau beli. Pergi dekat section Politics and War. hehe

  6. dah jumpe . dah jumpe, main kampf . kat mph . err, betul ke eja nihh .
    huhu .

    then, tak jadi beli . tak cukup duit . ngehehe .
    lagipun, tulisan dia mcm kecik sgtt . :)
    inshaallah, another time, ade rezeki, boleh la beli .

    wee . at last, beli sebelum aku bernikah by hilal asyraf .
    konon je mulamula nak puasa beli buku cinta . heheh .

    last2, beli jugak buku tu . tapi, inshaallah berbaloi .
    in fact buku tu tak citer pun pasal couple2 or what .

    more tu on how to manage our marriage in islam, not just our wedding . two diff things , rite .

    new perspective towards love .
    anyway, sila beli sendiri kalau nak tau lebih lanjut .

    hehe .
    selamat bermanjamanja dengan buku , my dear :)

    al 'ilm ka annur, wa annur la yuhda lil 'asi .
    ke la yahdi ?

    agak konfius . salah, tegur ya .
    may allah bless ! <3

  7. @najihahusna
    jom2. betulla . la yuhda lil 'asi. insyaAllah akan semaikan cinta dekat buku, kan best? ngeheee~


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