#136 - Bicycle or Car?

Always feels this way :(


We meet another day with syukr. Alhamdulillah I still can type whatever I want that pass through my minds. Today is about camera! I told you that I am obsessed with camera. I asked my brother Azam once, how much is the lomo camera as I started to get interest with lomography. My brother said that it is not too expensive, just around RM300++. Affordable, eh? I still have no enough money laaa. Abang Azam is kaya so he can buy whatever he want =.='

Baru kejap tadi terbukak Facebook. Erk? Terbukak, tak sebenarnya. Heh. There is one sentence which attracts me to share with all of you.
Life is flower if you are a bee that appreciates it. - APG
Huaaa. Tedious right? Kalau nak hidup umpama bunga, we ourselves must be the bees that stop at the flowers, take the opportunities to take the grains and use it well and not just passing by seeing the flower-- heartless.

We have a chance to choose whether hell or heaven. We have a chance to change. We have a chance to make good deeds. It is kite nak ke taknak je. Teringat Kak Dayah, always said, it's not the wrong of the person that tegur you, but it's the wrong of your heart to take the reprimand. Muzukashi. Hard to get something.

Maybe sebagai analogi, lagi senang nak cakap umpama a little girl yang nak belajar naik kereta is easier than naik bicycle. Bicycle may cause the girl to fall down easier, but the car is hard to get hurt, bukan? But, when we come to riding. Which one is more easier? The bicycle, right? That is the point. Umpamakan kereta sebagai neraka and the bicycle is syurga. Lagi senang kite nak buat jahat, bad deeds than good deeds, but it will cause easier for us to go to the hell la senang nak cakap.

Kite kena berubah. For ourselves. Nonetheless kalau rasa heaven tu tak bawak maksud apa-apa kat diri kite, then we can do whatever we love to do. Allah will not change you until you change yourselves. Selalu dengar, dah biasa? Praktikkan then you will feel that you are not a useless person. Tak kesahlah, duit beribu sampai boleh beli lomo tu how many much pun, tak praktik, tak dapat. Zero, nil, ille', sifar,empty.
The remote control is in your hands. You control what people get to see in you. They do not choose. You choose.
Conclude. Fullstop.