If he was your lord, can you tell me who he was praying to?

As-Salam .

Priest : Do you believe in Jesus (pbuh)?
Imam Reza : Yes.
Priest : Do you believe in Mohammed (pbuh)?
Imam Reza : Yes.
Priest : What do you say about Jesus?
Imam Reza : We say prophet Jesus prayed and fasted a lot.
Priest : That's very interesting, what do you say about Mohammed?
Imam Reza : We take prophet Mohammed higher than prophet Jesus as he prayed and fasted more .
Priest : How dare you say that someone prayed more than our lord Jesus?
Imam : If he is your lord, can you tell me Who he was praying to?

Subhanallah! (excerpt from Sayyed Ammar Nakshawani's speech) . Look , I'd copied it from Tumblr . There is no wrong in spreading knowledge . Wallahu'alam .