#prayforjapan and aimie~!

As-Salam . as we know , now Japan in a big trouble :'(
am I sad ? yeah , so sad ! when i'm blogcrawling here and there . there were lot of my friends that wrote about japan , and i want it too . so sad right ? when i'm tumblring , there's a picture that made me cried ~!


all we have to do is just sit and watching them crying ? ohnomydeardudes ! of course we don't have much money to help them , why don't we pray for their happiness ? no endless situation there ? oh girl , there should have endless situation there because of their home or bungalow , or even a book lost ~! so now !
  • pray for japan
  • pray for their happiness
next thing , aimi [ not me yeah as my name is also aimi ]  , yeah my lil cute aimi >click< , your blog is amazing , don't ever down just about that ok ? your blog is amazing than me ! and the most important there has gikwang there ;)) ahaha :D cheers my little girl ~! there were many peeps that love you and of course including me , ok ~! jangan sedih-sedih ye , kalau la kak imia boleh jemput gikwang datang pujuk . tehee~!