for my little sis aimi :D

As-Salam . this entry is very honoured dedicate to my proud little sis , aimi [ kikwang's wife ] ;)
ok-ok dear , if kak imia jumpa aimi akak rase nak hugs you seribu kali je . eh , lagi satu , akak tak comel , tak cantik . aimi lagi comel akak rase :)

aimi , this entry will full of craps , pics and not so many spirit words as you expected , pics tell everything dear ;)

haa~! tengok-tengok . one of them is giving a warm hug , right ? i wanna talk to you and eat something with you but we're on cyber thingy . so i move to another way , show you a cute video , i got this for you :

LOL . cute right ? the one in Full House drama ;)
ok , girl , cheer up ,  i love you and i hope you love me too , girl x))