communications in Islam ;)


As-Salam friends ;) today i wanna let all of you know how to communicate with others either on the real world or our FB or TWITTER or so on . eh , ade ke such rules dalam nak communicate dengan orang laen ? ceh~! ketuk kepale kang , sah-sah la ade , even when we eat something pun we must have rules kan kan ? 
ok , the first rule is : talk or write the thing that TRUE only ~!

sape bohong dosa ;)  

second rule : no gossip is allowed , or backbiting or even slanders tau ~!

Allah knows what craps we are talking x)
third rule : control your voices

my voice is loud enough ~! and your ears is perfect , i know :x
 the last rule : no rude words , ok ~

i got the 'pahala' if you say something bad to me , and i should say , THANK YOU ;)

that's the rules in communication in ISLAM . hope you [ and me too ] can apply it to our daily life , right ? live well or live hell , you choose , May Allah bless ;)


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