sorry then thanks

Salam dudes ! whoa , really tired , DAMN tired , uhh ? why ? cause i'm having stomach-ache as i'm having too much FOOD , urgh , feel like i'm too hungry then . lol , ok for this 2 days MIA [ missing in action ] , grr , really sorry , busy with all the reception preparing and its tiring somehow -.-' .

so sorry guys , i got the time to write , LOT of times , but since my sister and brother came home , it makes me feel awkward to write in front of them , hell no ! maybe they doesnt know that i'm having a blog , THIS disaster blog :P . lol . then i'm not in mood to write but just incase you miss me [ i know its not ] i just wrote it ^^ . ok , and for the titles , 'sorry then thanks' ryte ? ok , i want to thanks you all cause tetap lawat blog aku ni . dahla serabut and i'm replying all the tags in the tagboard , and its  LOT , TB just save 100 messages in it , and i have to reply all the tags ASAP !

ok , i will show you my little nephew , and he turns 10 months ;) , he's damn cute now ! he's smart too xD

ok , now its time for doodles , no new style cause i'm too busy , i'll make sure the next doodles are a new style ;)


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