happy hols ?

Salam guys ! haha , such a long time i didnt post any English entry ryte ? haha , so sorry angel ! you have been asking yeah ?! and now i'm posting my English entry back , lol !

ok guys , happy hols ? i'm not agreeing that NOW as the holidays cause holidays come closer to the end , pfft* , urggh ~ can this long holidays be extended further ? huh ? ok then , should i say happy on coming back to school ? i'm not think lot of peeps love school , [ someone nerd will do ] , but i'm not a nerd even i'm in love with school now , when we are on hols we will miss schools and vice versa !

ok , done with my school-opening shopping , huh ~ i'm not buying so much as i'm going to reuse whatever school things that can be use , i hate wasting ! xD , and i dont know that i'm going to buy any hostel thingy because i have not know the result , and i wish i could get KISAS , hope that ! i'm not a branded user , of course ! sometimes i hate some branded thing , lol ! i dont know why too ~ grrr xD

ok , its now to post , no doodles as my AI trial has ended up , huhu , so sad ! but i have drew some pic , and i will show that to all of you ! ok then , happy school-ing ! ahahaah , till the end , babai and salam 'alaiyk ;)

ps : total [ shopping ] = MYR 263.10
pss : i love shopping now !
psss : i got MYR 100 from my granny , both granny :D