falling down ;)

she is park jiyeon , she's cute ryte ? i adore her damn much !!

Salam guys , hai , hai , and hai [ how many times da ? ] ok , i'm searching my new affies for my link exchange corner , mind tag on the tagboard for those who really want to ^^ , and today my officially formspring has been created , if you have any quests yang panjang and really need my help in any blogger tips , you can ask there , and i'm ready to answer those creep quest :P [ even i'm not so pro ] , ok the question box on the sidebar page , don't mind your identity , cause you can ask me as an anonymous ^^.

this pic is damn funny , ahaha xD

ok back to the main story :)) [ i memang banyak idea ] haha . ok , pic upthere sangat-sangat cute kan ?? she is Park Jiyeon and i've mention her name for the second time , ryte ? hehe , she's from T-ara korean group , and all of her members are cute as her , [ but she's the cutest ] , my title is FALLING DOWN and i'm not falling down in love with her , but with someone , more cute than her , and more cute than me , ahaha *sigh* . no matter how i'm acting cute , he she is more cute than me , no matter what ! what is that ? it is RILAKKUMA ~ whattt ! what the hell this girl is typing about , ok , let me tell you , rilakkuma is a bear and i dont know and i really dont want to know where it comes fom , ahaha :P she he is not a person either a 'she' or 'he' ok , let me show you my new BF :))

hey yo ! i'm the one 'rajin' rilakkuma , ahaha :D

 cute ryte ? i've said that , and rilakkuma is famous in the stationary things like pencils , shirts [ is it stationary ? ] and also the erasers , ahaha , [ nampak sangat aku tadak idea dalam bab-bab menulis entry ni ] , and i've read in mr.wiki that rilakkuma was not alone , and it companied by korilakkuma , white bear instead of this brown bear of rilakkuma [ first time pronounciaton aku ialah = GORILAKKUMA , haha ] and two more extra pics of rilakkuma :D

oh , u-kiss dongho wearing that rilakkuma shirt ^^

heyyyo humans out there , i'm rilakkuma and i'm bigger than you xD
ok , this entry seems long but not really cause i put to much pics , huahuahua xD , doodles time , i make this time a gif , the animated one :)

and it now time for babai and salam 'alaiyk :D


  1. mind to follback my blog?? i just foll yours :) btw cute and tidy blog!

  2. kyu : oh dear , thx a lot , ur blog nice too ^^

    anys : thx :D

  3. nope , its not edit , i made it myself :)

  4. ouhhh , great ! which software awak gune ? hihi :) sorry byk tnye

  5. oh , xpe , bnyk tnya x sesat jalan , emm , sy guna Adobe Illustrator :D

  6. suka jiyeon~ suka lagu diaa.. dia comelllll~ adorable~

  7. I love those pictures.. haha

    are you malaysian?

    hmmm wanna link exchange? im kinda looking for link exchange too :)))

  8. anys : wc :D

    pieka : aah , same ^^

    melle : yeah , ok , i will link you first !


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