danbo , whats that ?!

Salam guys !:face40: hey , second post ni , nak cerite pasal amazon je . ape tu ye ? ha , pic above are amazon logo , cute ryte ? i :h: amazon [ but the most i love is rilakkuma , hehe :D ] because its easy to draw :r::q: i have draw domo , rilakkuma , and now amazon !! i'd love to share it , but kinda slow to upload it straight from pc , [ its weird cause its okay kalau upload from url :face25:] hmmm ,, really weird :face14:

ok , back to the main point , yang aku tahu , amazon is a buyer 's place , incase if someone stay overseas , they can buy malay's product there , books :90: or somethings else , but usually books ryte ? who's here have been deal with amazon , is it easy :s:wanna tyr , hehe :face50:
ok , i just wanna show you pics today as i'm so bored to write , :face15:

haha , then , all of the amazons are cute ryte ? i have told you :face38: ok then , i'm totally lazy to write , its just a post of pic yeah , and doodle , i will not forget that of course :70: its quite bad cause its old version , this was the second time pic when i use AI .


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  2. aisyah : ya

    izzie : really ? its embarrassing me now , haha


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