such a moody entry

salam .
welcome back to your blog imiarun =.=
sorry for the inconvinience i'd made here .
so sad when it comes this AIDILADHA ,
aku sedeh , dan bila aku sedeh ,
aku sangat rasa aku ni tak bersyukur .
great i'm still have a strong iman :)

nobody knows :(

Aidiladha's morning , got the phone call by my pak njang
said that my 'moyang' [what should i call in eng ? i have a blur idea now ]
pass away to another world , ya , the most important world :(
i mean pass away :((
oh , the day before ,
i knew the really2 bad new 
ya , BAD new .
its totally public to tell you all :(
its just ashamed , huwaaaa T.T
ok , dear 
the moody entry with such a bad grammar error
i know that , really know it  =='
then its ends here
now you know my bad 
the tears in Aidiladha :(

p/s : credit to sweet again , thx ya :)